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About Us


Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Callum and I am one of the contributors on this site. I started my fitness journey over 10 years ago with an outlook to lose weight, get toned, you know, the usual stuff. Being new to it all, I made all the beginner mistakes. My dieting, training, and recovery, were completely all over the place, but there was nothing wrong with that, we all have to start somewhere. Fast forward 10 years to where I was at my peak, having competed in a federated bodybuilding competition, working with other professionals in the industry to truly understand and develop my understanding of what it takes to help you achieve your fitness goal.

We’re all different, some of you may want to become a bodybuilder, some may just want to shed a few pounds, while others are just looking towards the health and fitness side.

My aim for this site isn’t to turn you all into bodybuilders, it’s to give you all of the insight I have learned over the years that I wished someone had told me. Through my own, and my peers’ trial and error, I aim to fill this site with all of the do’s and don’ts, the tips and tricks, and the good-to-know information you need to allow you to be successful in whatever direction your journey takes.